Artemis Curvetech® Cable Tracker

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Find it. Track it. Prove it.

Find it.​
Artemis enables power cables to be quickly and accurately located from a distance of 5m (approximately 4m depth of burial) without the need for the cable to be live, or magnetised.​

Track it.
Unlike other systems Artemis can ignore interference from sources other than the cable, removing any margin for error and speeding up operations. An inductive coil is used to induce a 3000hz signal. At a lower power, into the cable.​ This is then used to accurately locate the cable to enable effective cable route tracking.

Prove it.
Artemis is the only solution which provides data for ultimate assurance of cable burial by tracking the depth, offset, yaw and angle of the cable while trenching.

Key Features

Live power cable




An Unrivalled Hunter

Like its namesake the Artemis cable tracking system is an unrivalled hunter,
significantly outperforming the next best solution in terms of cable depth and
accuracy, and all without the need for a live cable. ​


Two phases of testing have been conducted in a dry dock using a frame to
simulate the sensor and antenna positions on a trenching system.

A section of power cable was buried under a simulated seabed within the
dock to a depth of 0m, 1.5m & 3m with positive results.

We are now looking for a partner to enable offshore testing to the technology.
Talk to us about the benefits of getting us involved in this project.

  • Detects cables deeper than any existing technology
  • Accurately locates unpowered, powered and faulted cables
  • Surveys cables twice as fast, in real time
  • Simultaneous cable tracking and burial depth assurance
  • Plug and play for any asset

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