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A passive tracking and survey tool used on live AC or unipolar DC cables that are powered.

The Artemis sensors are set to look for 50/60 Hz or a harmonic from the live power transmission (residual in AC phase imbalance, or from AC-DC conversion).

Unlike alternative technologies on the market, Artemis uses a model-based technique looking at the 3D magnetic field properties to estimate the centre of the target/ magnetic field. This approach handles arbitrary slant angles much better, meaning the performance of the system is maintained even if the ROV moves off the cable.

Artemis Toned

Passive tracking/survey with the same configuration as Artemis Live

but used on cables with no or little power, or bipolar DC cables.

A tone is applied at the end of the cable (substation, turbine, etc.), and the Sensors set to look for the specific low-frequency AC tone.


Live power cable


An Unrivalled Hunter

As the world leader in subsea vehicle manufacturing & seabed intervention specialists, we have joined forces with Optimal Ranging Inc. to bring to the market a unique range of tracking and survey technologies.

By having the Artemis range onboard your vessel, you have the flexibility to tackle any survey work in the offshore wind, interconnector, pipeline, and telecoms markets without the need for multiple products.

Artemis can integrate into your current assets in the best way to suit your operational needs.


  • Prevents requiring you to stop wind farm power production (Artemis Live)
  • Allows you to avoid the cost of hiring and installing a tone (Artemis Live)
  • No competitor solution being used (Artemis Live)
  • Guaranteed performance regardless of cable size (Artemis Toned)
  • Works 10m across the cable path (Artemis Toned)

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