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Data at your fingertips

SMD Horizon is a cloud-based platform that connects onshore operators to offshore vehicles. Retrieving live data, it enables users to track missions, view trends and detect issues early, tackling them before they occur. This piece of technology reduces the need for an expensive and higher-risk offshore team, enabling pilots, co-pilots, supervisors and data analysts to work remotely.

Current operations depend on multiple teams of pilots, co-pilots and supervisors. This can be expensive as well as inconvenient. SMD Horizon’s compact self-contained cyber-chair can be quickly installed anywhere. It just needs power and internet access.

The system has a web-based interface, which ensures that even without the cyber chair, operators can view the latest data on the go, through a standard internet browser. This unique feature enables all key stakeholders to effortlessly access the same information, at the same time.

  • Reduces the number of personnel offshore.
  • Minimises H&S risk and cost.
  • Connects any vehicle to any stakeholder onshore.
  • Control from anywhere over the internet.
  • Receive live data back from your systems offshore.

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