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ARTEMIS Trenching

Same Active tracking/survey abilities as Artemis Survey, but used for trenching.

Arranged on a trenching vehicle so the fore sensors providing tracking of the cable and sensors to the aft providing a depth of burial (DoB) estimate, with the ability to guide the cable through the swords.

The Artemis Trenching system has been specifically developed to address the detection and tracking issues of multi-pass trenching of cables and pipelines during installation when the power is off.

RANGE (Depth of Burial)


An Unrivalled Hunter

As the world leader in subsea vehicle manufacturing & seabed intervention specialists, we have joined forces with Optimal Ranging Inc. to bring to the market a unique range of tracking and survey technologies.

By having the Artemis range onboard your vessel, you have the flexibility to tackle any survey work in the offshore wind, interconnector, pipeline, and telecoms markets without the need for multiple products.

Artemis can integrate into your current assets in the best way to suit your operational needs.


  • has a strong signal for cable route tracking during trenching
  • Multi-pass jet trenching made simpler during 2nd and 3rd passes
  • Flexible fitting to allowing it to be used on all trenchers

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