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Subsea Vehicle Tooling

AX-VX Gasket Removal Tools

Reliable handling and operation

SMD Curvetech® offers a range of AX-VX Gasket (Ring) removal tools designed for subsea gasket insertion and removal. Two models are available to suit industry standard gasket sizes. Custom designs can be provided to suit client-specific requirements.


28kW Dirty Work Pack (DWP)

Reducing the risk of oil contamination within the main ROV hydraulic system

The SMD Curvetech® DWP unit provides an isolated hydraulic supply for use with hydraulic tools and equipment where contaminants such as dirt or water may be a problem. The unit allows the use of ROV tooling such as grinders, hot stabs, cutters and skids to be operated on a secondary (dirty) hydraulic circuit, where if contamination arises in the second isolated circuit, it becomes a much simpler process to clean the hydraulic system. Additionally, dedicated high and low pressure filters are included in the DWP unit to remove trace contaminants before they impact on performance. Alternative sizes and power ratings of DWP’s are also available upon request.



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