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Meet Aalyiah

I studied chemical engineering at Newcastle university and continued on to complete a masters with honours in chemical engineering.

What attracted you to engineering

I didn’t know what I wanted my future career to look like at the time I was making the important academic decisions. Maths and sciences were always my strongest subjects, so an engineering career seemed like the most natural progression from that. Chemical engineering stuck with me because of the wide variety of career paths that are available once you graduate, which gave me more time to make the right decision for me.

What attracted you to SMD

The innovative nature of the company was what drew me to SMD and learning that the company has evolved over the years and established themselves in new markets was of high importance to me. I am very proud to be a part of the SMD team and share their values.

What opportunities you can see for your career at SMD

As a recent graduate with no industry experience, I’m learning a vast amount about the products and the company every day. To further my career and I want to fully immerse myself in the company and continue to learn.

“From my first interview to the end of my first week, the team has been so welcoming and approachable. I’ve already had opportunities to learn from very knowledgeable individuals so I’m very excited for what is to come.”

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