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ROV Systems Accredited to Latest DNV Standards


May 2015: We are pleased to announce that SMD ROV systems are now accredited to the latest DNV standards.  Conforming components include Control Cabins, ROVs, Tether Management Systems (TMS) and Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS).

ROV control cabins are available fully certified to Offshore Service Modules DNV 2.7-2, so clients have extra peace of mind from greater safety features relating to fire and smoke protection.  Cabling and wiring is now low smoke, low halogen and a revised cabin lining offers better protection for occupants from fire and heat.  The high voltage transformers within the cabin – always used with Work Class ROVs – are now fully type tested to DNV-OSD-201 for short circuit, full load, temperature and overload, offering increased safety and reliability for clients.

SMD ROVs including Quantum Heavy Work Class, Quasar Medium Work Class and Atom Compact Work Class can now be offered to DNV 2.7-3.  This means the units are fully certified to the highest standards for vessel-to-land, vessel-to-vessel and vessel-to-sea transfer.  SMD Tether Management Systems often used in conjunction with the ROVs can also be supplied conforming to the same standard.

SMD Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) conforming to DNV 2.22 are now available.  SMD’s first, a fully certified 12te Telescopic A-frame and 12te 3500m umbilical winch, is undergoing final build and test.  Updates relate to improved equipment safety such as up-rated braking components on the winch and an increase in operating temperature range (-20C to +45C).  Other Launch and Recovery systems in the range will be available certified to the same standard in the near future.