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When it comes to subsea engineering, it is crucial to invest in reliable, efficient and adaptable technology, capable of keeping pace with the complexity of modern missions.

Forming part of our modular robotics range, the Atom EV is a compact electric work class ROV, suitable for IRM applications, surveys and work in the renewable sector. Built with a new architecture, it can convert 63 percent of inputted power into usable thrust performance, making it twice as efficient as an older generation hydraulic ROV.

The Atom EV has been engineered with flexibility at its core. Constructed from the latest Curvetech® components, its modular design enables vehicle configuration to be optimised for the job at hand. Within the vehicle frame, the Atom EV offers more space for the fitting of tools than ever before; able to handle a full suite of work-class tooling, it can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic power unit that has the capacity to run manipulators and tools.

At SMD, our modular range represents the future of ROV technology. As explained by Business Development Manager, John McCann: “As we strive towards a greener future, the development of equipment that reflects our environmental ambition is paramount. The Atom EV not only consumes less energy than traditional hydraulic ROVs, it also dramatically reduces the chance of an oil spill, lowering your contamination risk and making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.”

In terms of efficiency, the Atom EV is unparalleled. Offering thrust outputs that surpass previous generation systems by a considerable amount, the platform is well suited to operate in challenging environments such as river basins and tidal areas, or can simply be used to complete tasks faster than ever before.

In addition, the Atom EV benefits from pioneering innovations in propulsion and control, meaning it offers new levels of stability, strength and reliability. The vehicle’s advanced flight control also improves the quality of operation, and its cutting edge electric drivetrain allows for excellent payload capacity.

To find out more about the Atom EV, download the brochure here, or contact our Business Development Manager, John McCann.