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NOVEMBER 2022 – Deck Equipment

Deck Equipment LARS

Deck equipment is sometimes overlooked, with subsea machinery being considered the leading force in any project. However, deck equipment is the backbone of any subsea operation. Without investing in the right deck equipment, the operation may slow down or be forced to grind to a halt altogether.

The right deck equipment is a sure-fire way to buy and package the gift that is extended operational windows and efficiency – and these are just some of the benefits we strive to provide through our innovations.

Bolstered by 50 years of experience in innovation and product development, our range of deck equipment includes A-frames, winches, control systems, cable lay equipment, and deck hydraulic power units to initiate and facilitate any subsea operation.

All of our equipment can be tailored to suit your subsea system whether you have an SMD vehicle or not.

We recently designed a modular equipment-handling solution that enabled our client to launch a subsea drilling package to 4,000 metres, historically a depth subsea vehicles struggled to reach. Simultaneously, it ensured efficiency in terms of time, money, and energy.

Each module of the system was small and light enough to be shipped as a CSC certified 20ft container, ensuring the handling system could be quickly and easily transported between locations removing the need for specialist vessels which often incur higher shipping costs and emit more CO2. Also, because the handling system could be mobilised quickly, dock fees were less of an expense.

The lift winch used as part of the handling system was designed to operate with either steel or fibre rope depending on project water depth.

The heave compensators benefitted from both active and Passive Heave Compensation (PHC) which also contributed to the energy efficiency of the solution. The addition of PHC allowed the system to react to external forces without requiring any additional energy to maintain lift wire and umbilical catenary whilst landed on the seabed during drilling operations.



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