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Early in 2022, SMD launched its first Shallow Water Trencher (SWT), a piece of equipment specifically designed for the growing offshore renewable energy market in emerging territories around the world.

After a period of extensive testing in shallow waters (0-10 metres) in Asia, the resulting technology provides adaptable burial solutions for sand, silts and clays in Europe, Asia and the US.

The SWT is compact and nimble, having been developed with road transportation in mind. Its modular design favours versatility, meaning it can be used on the beach, in the intertidal zone, and even in the deeper waters surrounding the turbine interfaces. This end-to-end burial solution draws on SMD’s vast experience as an industry leader in the development of subsea technology.

With powerful jetting swords and a depressor for the burial of products up to 250mm in diameter, the SWT is a fully amphibious vehicle with minimised vessel impact.

Paul Davison, Managing Director at SMD UK, explains: “In 2017, we started conducting thorough research into the equipment required for the emerging renewable scene in Europe, Asia and the US. It became clear that an easy to use, cost effective, shallow water trencher was a priority.

“Like a lot of our products, the SWT is modular in its design, meaning users can easily upgrade or downgrade, depending on the job at hand. It’s small and lightweight, making it fantastic for a shore approach and perfect for our European customers. For example, the SWT can be launched using a low vessel impact crane, rather than a heavy duty launch and recovery system. This also helps the installer to keep costs to a minimum.”

SMD’s SWT has modular forwards and backwards compatibility, giving clients the flexibility to upgrade to deeper water capability as required. This feature not only future proofs your investment, but also sits outside of the technology proposed by local competition.

Other key features of the SWT include:

  • Flexible trenching methods, including simultaneous lay and bury mode and post lay burial.
  • Seamlessly integration with Artemis – SMD’s latest tracking and surveying technology products.
  • An adaptability which means that it adds an increased value to clients over a longer period, and makes it much more advanced than other suppliers.


To find out more, download our brochure, or contact Robert Eddon, our Key Account Manager for Offshore Wind.

Robert Eddon

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