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MARCH 2024 – SMD Artemis: Proving Trials 

Introducing SMD Artemis, the proven cable and pipeline tracking technology that is helping to solve a host of subsea challenges.  

Named after the Greek Goddess of hunting, this pioneering detection range uses three-dimensional electromagnetic field technology to accurately locate cables and pipelines laid on the ocean floor and buried beneath the seabed.  

Artemis has two main modes: Passive and Active. While Artemis Passive detects live or toned cables and pipelines from distances up to 10m, Artemis Active can locate dead cables up to 5m – a greater range than that of comparable technologies.  

Across several marine markets, this revolutionary system has a host of applications:  

  1. Burial and Reburial 

When mounted to a trencher, Artemis can be used to assist in the accurate burial of subsea cables. This is achieved through the generation of real-time data, detailing the depth and positioning of the cable being buried. Utilising this data, users can ensure that the optimum burial depth is maintained throughout the mission. In instances where reburial or Multi-Pass burial is required, Artemis can then be used to determine the exact location of the buried cables, preventing unwanted contact with the trencher swords and avoiding costly damage.  

  1. Post-Burial Surveys  

At SMD, we understand that many of our clients conduct post-burial surveys to ensure all cables are buried to the required depth by mounting Artemis to an ROV, the exact depth and position of the laid cables can be ascertained in real-time, and any necessary remedial areas can be quickly identified. Plus, with the ability to switch seamlessly between Artemis’ Active and Passive systems, cables can be surveyed before hook up or during operation, with no interruption to the power transmission.  

  1. Locating Dead/Damaged Cables  

In a subsea setting, damage to cables is often unavoidable and can be caused by numerous factors. For the floating offshore wind industry specifically, cables contribute to 80 per cent of insurance claims and pose a significant threat to operational efficiency. Artemis’ revolutionary ability to provide the exact, real-time location of these cables – whether live or dead – facilitates their quick repair and, therefore, represents a huge step forward for the industry. 

Speaking on this exciting innovation, Dr Lindsay Smith, Business Development Manager – New Technologies, said, “SMD Artemis is a pioneering piece of technology which offers many improvements in comparison to other cable and detection technologies in the market, including increased range capability, improved accuracy and the ability for real-time survey data. We are delighted to say that it has now reached an exciting stage in its development.   

“The Artemis Passive system is officially market-ready and already being used by subsea equipment rental specialists Rental Technology and Services (RTS) and Seatronics Ltd, intending to deploy it to marine projects globally.  

“The Artemis Active system is now in the final stages of commercialisation, and with numerous equipment demonstrations coming up this year, we look forward to supplying it to our customers in the near future.”  

To learn more about SMD Artemis, download the brochure or contact Dr Lindsay Smith.  

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