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Quantum EV Thruster

Prior to the emergence of SMD’s EV Range, SMD clients had the same common complaint; the existing oil and gas [hydraulic] ROVs weren’t fit for the offshore renewable sector, and unfortunately, they were the only option available.

It was clear that a new solution was needed, justifying the development a new EV range that outperforms all other work-class ROVs and EVs currently on the market.

Hydraulic ROVs are cumbersome, not particularly environmentally friendly and unable to work in treacherous conditions. In response to the unsuitable ROV, SMD recognised that work-class modular EVs could provide an efficient alternative.

The first prototype built by SMD was the Quantum EV which is much smaller than its predecessor and similar in size to a traditional compact work class. The Atom EV is even smaller but still capable of handling full size manipulators and work-class tooling. The size of both the Quantum and Atom EVs induce cheaper transportation costs and the ability to operate from smaller vessels.

The modular EV robotic range is available in work-class and survey class forms.

The Quantum EV platform is suitable for heavy-duty construction, IRM, salvage and science work. The lighter-duty Atom EV is well placed for renewables, drill support and IRM applications.

Both models also offer thrust outputs that surpass previous generation systems, making them faster and more well suited to operating in challenging environments such as river basins and tidal areas.

SMD’s EV range is truly unique. Unlike other models on the market, its flexibility from the modular design means it can be adapted to suit a plethora of projects. What’s more, its ability to perform in currents of three knots (from any direction) allows it to operate at an extraordinary speed.

The Atom EV is particularly special due to its compact size and weight to power density. The vehicle is optimised for data gathering applications where a stable platform and high positional accuracy is required. Its cutting edge electric drivetrain allows for excellent payload capacity and space to carry instruments and tools.

The Atom EV is an investment. Designed to stand the test of time, it is set up to accommodate next generation electric manipulators and tools when they become accessible. Pilot aids have also been introduced so that it’s easier to control for operators, and it is future-proofed to be fully autonomous when the infrastructure to station ROVs underwater is available.

We have been doing rigorous simulation testing of the EV range for the past three years which has shown its efficacy in all aspects from surveying, to construction, to maintenance. We are now at the latter stage of development, testing things such as vibration, sound, and noise.  Final water testing will take place H2 2022 and our books are open for those wanting to buy next gen EROV tech for upcoming or existing projects.

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