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Over the past 50+ years, SMD has undergone a lot of changes and weathered many storms, yet has continued to come out on top and ahead of the game. Part of this success is pivoting to what customers want. This includes not only building pioneering equipment but also being the go-to business to maintain it.Liam Forbes, SMD’s Services Director, explains:

“Technology is the key to unlocking the potential of the underwater sector. This is especially important in offshore wind, with the demand for renewable energy at an all-time high. However, this sector faces challenges such as ensuring the safety of workers and creating solutions to accelerate newer, riskier renewable solutions like floating offshore wind.

At SMD, we are working hard to make the sector safer, more efficient, and more profitable via technological innovation.

SMD is focusing on two core areas to ensure it remains at the forefront. These are:

  1. Remote working opportunities
    – creating safer and more cost-effective working environments.
  2. Predicting and preventing equipment malfunctions or breakdowns –  reducing operational downtime.

Liam continued: “As well as developing cutting-edge technology such as SMD Horizon, Sentio and Artemis to help reduce downtime on missions, we are also improving the efficiency of the offshore renewable sector through the prevention of operational failures. The sharing of data is essential to do this.

“By sharing live equipment data, our expert engineers can offer bespoke recommendations based on user behaviour and operational requirements. This accurate guidance enables potential problems to be identified, and the relevant adjustments made, preventing technical faults from interrupting ongoing missions.

“This new, more holistic approach to subsea missions represents a significant shift for the offshore wind industry which, we believe, will prove to be transformative. “

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