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At SMD, we are proud of our continued collaboration with world-leading and forward-thinking companies. Together, we pursue engineering excellence to overcome the toughest challenges facing the underwater industry.

Our partnership with SEAJET Systems® (SEAJET) is a perfect example of this.

A market-leading controlled flowed excavation (CFE) solutions provider, SEAJET is dedicated to delivering reliable, efficient and environmentally sensitive technology.

Today, we are celebrating our united development of HYDROMOLE, the world’s first all-electric controlled flow excavation (E-CFE)® solution, specially designed for the offshore renewables sector. 

With its next-generation electric power and control system, this cutting-edge equipment has replaced the industry’s legacy hydraulically supplied systems with a cleaner, safer and more efficient alternative. The new all-electric system represents the most powerful and advanced CFE system on the market today.

Independent of water depth, this non-contact method of trenching and excavation delivers 400kW of power to the seabed and can be used across numerous soil conditions. With a range of applications spanning the lifetime of an offshore energy project, it reduces CO2 emissions and fuel costs by 40 per cent while eliminating the risk of damaging oil spills into the marine environment.

Funded by a substantial investment from OEG Energy Group Limited, we are delighted to be collaborating with SEAJET through this exclusive manufacturing partnership and framework agreement.

Speaking on the collaboration, our Deputy CEO, Paul Davison, said: “It’s a pleasure to share our successful co-development of the world’s first E-CFE system. 

“When working with HYDROMOLE, offshore renewable companies can optimise their project outputs from pre-commissioning to decommissioning, monitoring their performance and securing maximised results every step of the way. 

“In a world where the importance of environmentally sensitive operations is paramount, we can proudly say that this revolutionary innovation is well aligned with the market’s future requirements.” 

Daniel Cunny, Head of Business Development & Commercial at SEAJET, added: “This collaboration represents the fusion of SEAJET’s 25-year operating experience with SMD’s 50 years of pioneering engineering practices.

“Our co-development of HYDROMOLE serves as a great example of how strategic innovations can be rapidly brought to market through developing strong partnerships and sharing experiences, strengths, and capabilities to secure unparalleled results.”

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