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For over half a century, SMD equipment has improved the safety, efficiency and profitability of subsea operations globally. With an unparalleled commitment to excellence, our engineers continually enhance our technology to ensure it stays ahead of the curve.

The evolution of our original Multi-Depth Plough (MD3®) is a perfect example of this, with the Multi-Depth Plough Share Extension (MD3 XT®) specifically designed for optimised cable burial in the telecommunications industry.

At SMD, we are proud to foster longstanding relationships with our clients, who trust us to deliver consistently excellent results.

Our Partnership

ASEAN Cableship Pte Ltd (ACPL) has invested in our equipment for over 20 years.

Based in Singapore, ACPL is one of the leading companies in the submarine cable industry, laying and repairing telecommunications cables across Asia Pacific. Committed to investing in quality technology, ACPL has recently purchased a new MD3 XT plough, which we will install on its vessel later this year.

This latest partnership with ACPL is a prime example of our work delivering sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Our engineers will refurbish and upgrade the company’s existing SMD tow and umbilical winches to ensure compatibility with the MD3 XT and its control system.  The new equipment will be effortlessly integrated into ACPL’s existing product range to ensure an environmentally sensitive solution, which perfectly demonstrates the adaptability and longevity of our product range.

Our Equipment

The MD3 XT is the go-to tool on the market today, with each element of its design optimised for use in the simultaneous lay and burial of telecom cables.

Delivering a consistent trench depth of 3.3 metres, the MD3 XT ensures buried cables benefit from 3 metres of genuine coverage, reducing the risk of cable damage or service disruption in areas where ship anchors or aggressive fishing pose a known risk. With the plough’s share shape engineered to minimise the friction with the seabed, a consistent trench depth is maintained throughout the operation.

One of the MD3 XT’s key components is its hinged chassis, engineered to provide a range of operational benefits:

  1. The plough can be easily adapted to the required trench depth for part or all the burial campaign.
  2. The cable entry and tow points at the front of the plough are closer to the sea floor, delivering a more stable configuration throughout the burial process.  This reduces the risk of a plough pitching or rolling and damaging itself or the telecoms cable.
  3. The plough offers minimal cable handling, providing a smooth transition from the seabed, through the equipment and into the trench.
  4. When the plough reaches a repeater in the cable, the repeater path is very low to the ground, reducing the risk of its damage or over-articulation.

In these ways, operators can adjust how the equipment is used and configured to the bespoke requirements of each campaign and maintain an excellent level of service throughout.

To find out more about the industry standard MD3 XT, download our brochure, or contact Matthew Woodward, our Business Development Manager for Telecoms and Handling Systems.

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