SMD Curvetech™ thrusters to power French subsea trencher

April 6, 2018

Curvetech™ engineers at Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) have completed the build and test of a range of  hydraulic thrusters for French subsea cable installation engineering firm Louis Dreyfus TravOcean.

SMD’s Curvetech™ HTE_500BA and HTE_430-63 thrusters are destined for use on a large subsea trenching vehicle designed and built by the Marseille-based company.

Paul Davison, Managing Director Subsea said: “It’s always great to expand our client base for the Curvetech™ product range. Curvetech™ products are well known in the industry for their high-quality and it’s great to be able to support third party Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Last year we put a strong emphasis on client support for the Curvetech™ range. This included updating our website with the latest product range and the addition of downloadable CAD models and manuals so designers can easily access the product range.”

In a cost-conscious market, SMD has seen an increase in demand from self-builders and third party OEMs using their Curvetech™ components in the design and build of their own subsea engineering vehicles and equipment.

Covering a range of applications, SMD’s Curvetech™ product range includes subsea vehicle propulsion systems, subsea motors and hydraulic power units, hydraulic valve control, compensators, control systems and surface high voltage power units, subsea sensors and electrical control cards, subsea tooling and Work Class ROV skid units.


SMD Completes 6000m Testing on Curvetech® Components for Deepwater ROV

January 10, 2017

Following the award of an order from Shanghai Salvage for a 6000m Quasar Work Class ROV, SMD engineers have successfully completed work on the associated Curvetech subsea components to assure maximum working depth up to 6000m.

SMD has a dedicated team of engineers who specialise in the design and testing of SMD’s Curvetech components, to deliver world-leading products that enable customers to maximise on remote subsea operations.  Michael van Zwanenburg, Principal Curvetech Engineer adds: “Our in-house Curvetech engineers have years of experience developing components for subsea systems. We want to offer the best products for our customers every time. This allows them to buy with confidence, knowing that they are always getting the quality they need. We have a strong ethos and track record of providing components that can be can relied upon.”

The testing means that the Curvetech range now includes compensators and electrical control Principal Circuit Boards (PCBs) rated for 6000m depth operations, with these components available for direct purchase from SMD Services.

Mark Collins, Managing Director for SMD ROVs, explains the importance of pre-delivery testing. “Reliability of SMD vehicles and components is key to our clients’ success and we commit to this at all levels. Hyperbaric testing of critical components is an expensive operation but by performing this testing our clients can be confident that our ROVs will operate reliably right from delivery. SMD’s aim is always zero vehicle down-time.”

Curvetech is SMD’s respected range of components for subsea remote intervention equipment and includes compensators, power units, thrusters and valve packs. The range offers leading subsea technology with high reliability, and has been developed to offer support of vehicle operation and maintenance; minimising downtime.

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