Hydraulic Valve Packs

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Lightweight and compact units

Built for use on high performance ROVs

The Curvetech® range of oil-filled hydraulic valve packs are used extensively on SMD vehicles and are known for their robustness and ease of use. The units can be supplied with a range of solenoid or servo valves fit for a variety of functions, flows and pressures. 2, 4, 6, 10 and 12 function versions are available as standard and all can be tailored to specific end use requirements.

Product Features

Fully configurable

Valve types can be changed to match the application. High flow and high precision options available.

Built-in drive electronics

Controlled using RS485 communications.

Internal diagnostics

Using internal temperature, moisture and pressure sensors.

External sensor monitoring

Four external inputs allow additional vehicle sensors to be connected into the control system.

Reliable and Robust

All valve packs include internal valve drive electronics addressable using RS485 communication protocol. Diagnostic LEDs are clearly visible through the integrated cover to simplify maintenance and diagnostics at sea.

  • ROV and trencher propulsion systems
  • Manipulator and actuator controls
  • Subsea tooling systems

Thruster Control Unit Specifications


Thruster Controls: 6
Flow (LPM): 57
Flow (GPM): 12.54
Connector: Burton
I/O: 3 x Burton


Thruster Controls: 7
Flow (LPM): 57
Flow (GPM): 12.54
Connector: Burton
I/O: 3 x Burton


Thruster Controls: 8
Flow (LPM): 57/114
Flow (GPM): 12.54/25.08
Connector: Burton
I/O: 3 x Burton

Hydraulic Control Unit Specifications


Valve Positions: 12
Valve Size: NG3
Flow (LPM): 15 max.
Flow (GPM): 4 max.
Connector: Burton, Impulse or Seacon
I/O: 4 x Burton, Impulse or Seacon


Valve Positions: 10
Valve Size: NG3
Flow (LPM): 10
Flow (GPM): 2.20
Connector: Burton
I/O: 3 x Burton


Valve Positions: 6
Valve Size: NG3
Flow (LPM): 10
Flow (GPM): 2.20
Connector: Burton
I/O: 4 x Burton


Valve Positions: 4
Valve Size: 2x NG6 / 2x 100 LPM cartridge
Flow (LPM): 35 / 95
Flow (GPM): 7.70 / 20.90
Connector: Burton
I/O: 3 x Burton


Valve Positions: 2
Valve Size: 2x 100 LPM cartridge
Flow (LPM): 95
Flow (GPM): 20.90
Connector: Burton
I/O: None

Larger Sizes

Contact SMD for higher flow valve packs and custom requirements.

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