ROV operations up to 6000m

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A versatile ROV

Multiple applications

Quasar is a medium size work class ROV offering high-current performance and good tooling/instrument carrying capability.

This ROV is stable even in strong currents, and so excels as a survey and oceanographic platform. It is also equally capable of salvage and construction operations using its isolated hydraulic system which can run high power tools.

Our intuitive DVECSII control system can be mastered quickly and intuitively helping reduce operational risk, and we offer training courses should your pilots need one.

Access to the vehicle's quick release components is fast and easy decreasing maintenance time and increasing availability. The Quasar can be supplied as a complete package with SMD’s Compact or Extended TMS and 8te or 12te LARS.

A Turnkey Solution

General Purpose ROV with Advanced control

Choice of Tether management system

Choice of launch and recovery systems

Real time diagnostics and remote connectivity

Key Facts

Weight in air








Depth Rating

up to 6000msw


250kg after Manips/Sensors

Hydraulic Power

up to 150hp

Here to help

Graeme Jaques

Head of ROV Sales

+44 (0) 191 234 8619

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