Synthetic Environment and Virtualisation Platform

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Sentio™ is SMD’s advanced synthetic environment and virtualisation software platform, which can help optimise and significantly improve the efficiency of your assets, in any offshore environment.

Your goal is to get the job done right the first time. Sentio™ provides you the capabilities to achieve this by giving you the power to virtualise an operations environment across the full ocean engineering value chain, from topside to subsea.

Once created, the platform enables you to improve your environment’s operational safety, identify and mitigate risks and in turn, significantly lower your costs. The environment can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements at any stage of the operational life cycle, from engineering assessment, and training, to mission validation and de-commissioning. This ability eliminates the need for high-cost physical testing and resources.

The speed at which Sentio™ lets you create models and environments gives you the capability to produce an unlimited number of virtual scenarios, each offering reliable insights into how your real-world operations will play out.


Significantly improves safety and mitigates risk

Reduces operational expense and costly mistakes

Build virtual environments quickly and easily

Ensures equipment design meets operational requirements



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