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Maximising your return on investment

through our range of asset support services

Our range of Asset Support Services are focused on maximising the return on investment of your existing equipment to ensure you are always prepared for operations. Whether you require a small repair or a major refurbishment, our multi-disciplined engineering team will tailor support to meet your specific operational needs.

- Improve asset availability

- Reduce downtime

- Minimise operational risk

- Maximise long-term asset value

Our Services

Asset Inspection

Asset integrity is the foundation of your operation, ensuring reliability and the maximum in-water time. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), with over 45 years in the industry, we set the standard for asset integrity.

Repair Services

Benefit from a rapid response team of experienced, specialist engineers and supply chain coordinators, who will develop engineered solutions and provide spares in an agreed timescale. This is supported by OEM level assurance to give you improved operator and end-customer confidence.

Future Proofing

Unmanaged component obsolescence can present a serious risk to your operations. For over 45 years, we have been assisting our customers to continually monitor spares and ensure, the impact of obsolescence is managed to prevent delays to your operations.

Major Refurbishments and Life Extensions

Using the original design and build information, we recondition high-value assets back to factory standards. During refurbishments, we consider obsolescence, changes in industry legislation and customer operating trends. You also benefit from warranty packages which ensure continued support during your operations.


Overcome new project challenges and improve your asset capabilities through upgrading and enhancing existing equipment. SMD Services has extensive experience in developing bespoke solutions for our customers.


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