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The QTrencher 400 ROV

High power trenching capability for cables up to 2m deep

The QTrencher 400 set a new benchmark when it was first introduced in the late 90s. Using high power to provide effective cable maintenance and other specialised tasks, it is purpose designed to provide maximum jetting and thrust performance.

With further development and refinement the ROV continues to boast a reputation for reliability and ease of maintenance. It has become an essential part of any suite of cable installation vehicles.

A reliable and compact option with an excellent track record in subsea trenching and cable maintenance. Contact us for more information.


installed power

maximum trench depth capability

Weight in air

control system

Designed to provide maximum jetting and thrust performance whilst maintaining a compact form

The high powered yet compact QTrencher 400 comes available with cable tools such as manipulators, cable cutters and clamps. As with any of our assets, SMD can provide a turnkey, integrated solution including in-house designed high sea state LARS and umbilical system.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecoms
  • Renewables
  • Cable Maintenance

Key Facts


Length: 9.5M
Width: 6.3M
Height: 5.8M

Weight in AIr



Available up to Sea State 5/6

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