The ROV. Reimagined.

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A New Philosophy in ROV Design

Our new electric vehicle (EV) range is changing what’s possible in the world of ROVs. Lighter, smaller and more agile, the technology offers performance that surpasses traditional Work Class ROVs – particularly useful for high current shallow water operations. This means smaller vessels, smaller launch equipment and wider operating windows for our clients

Whether it’s an optimised model for intervention or data gathering all SMD EVs can be battery powered or permanently connected to a power and control source via an umbilical. This gives you the flexibility to use the same technology for tether free wide field survey operations or close proximity power intensive intervention tasks.

The SMD EV ROV is ideal for subsea resident applications Less moving parts, less leak paths and longer service intervals designed and built for reliability to consistently perform over long periods of time submerged.

All of our new technology is being subjected to a thorough testing and qualification programme prior to official release. For more information talk to our sales team.

  • High Performance
  • More Reliable
  • Smaller and Lighter
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Easy to Use