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Cable Drum Engines

Knife-free self-fleeting drum design

We offer a range of Cable Drum Engines (CDE’s) including a unique knife-free Self-Fleeting Drum, which allows for flexible cable spacing, increasing the lay speed and reducing the risk of cable damage during lay operations.

SMD drum engine designs are lower weight compared to equivalent designs and are suitable for both cable laying and repair operations. Designs include variable speed AC transmission with integral hydraulic service pack and hydraulic drive transmission options.

Our CDE’s have reduced rolling resistance compared with conventional drum engines, which improves slow speed control and low tension render performance.

Cable Drum Engine

Linear Cable Engines

& Draw Off / Hold Back Cable Engines

SMD offer a range of standard hydraulic or servo driven Linear Cable Engine (LCE) systems and Draw-Off / Hold-back (DOHB) Cable Engines with excellent anti-slip handling performance.

Our LCE systems are available with a broad range of ancillary equipment and software, providing a comprehensive cable lay solution.

The SMD DOHB uses a 4-wheel pair layout with stretched centre section providing easy repeater handling. Vertical and horizontal guide and wheel arm design avoids potential shackle traps. The design also includes an integral sub-frame containing cable engine traversing guidance and actuation system.

Draw Off Hold Back Cable Engine

Cable Transporter

SMD Cable Transporters can be supplied in 1 and 2-wheel pair hydraulic drive options.

Our units feature self-contained Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) requiring electrical ships supply only for ease of installation and operation.

Choose from local and remote control and instrumentation panel options.

Cable Transporter

Advantages of servo driven engines

SMD servo motor driven systems achieve unparalleled control and flexibility. Servo motors produce a high torque which are able to stall at full torque for long periods without generating excessive heat.

Motors are also lower noise compared with induction motors and are water cooled, requiring no external cooling fan, making it more suitable for operation in high ambient temperatures.

Servo motors are also shorter and approximately half the mass when compared to an equivalent power induction motor, which significantly reduces shock loading on repeaters if handled at any speed.

Contact the Deck Equipment team for more information on servo motors.

Why servo motors?

  • Unparalleled control and flexibility
  • Suitable for operation in high ambient temperatures
  • Water cooled
  • Lower noise than induction motors

Self Fleeting Cable Drum Engine Time Lapse


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