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Robust and reliable subsea vehicle propulsion systems

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SMD’s Curvetech® range of thrusters offer industry-leading high performance with near equal forward and reverse thrust. The range encompasses thrusters from 230mm diameter to 750mm diameter with various motor options, which provides the designer with a high level of choice to ensure vehicle performance is maximised. Where possible, the units utilise aluminium and plastics making them one of the lightest units on the market currently. All thrusters within the range are used by SMD on our own vehicles and we are very proud of our ROVs' handling capabilities. They generate both high bollard pulls for working applications and high vehicle speeds for efficient survey work rates. In addition, our vehicles are industry renowned for their ability to hold station in high current environments, due to their impressive thrust levels.

SMD-218 reduced

Product features

Wide range of sizes and variants

CURVETECH Thruster HTE 300BA 2

Common foot mountings

Dual lip seals on thruster shafts

Optional speed sensor and guards

Proven design

Used on subsea vehicle systems for more than 20 years

Available from 220kg to >1500kg bollard pull force, Curvetech® thrusters offer impressive performance with unparalleled reliability and robustness. Applications include high power work class ROV duties, but they are also regularly used for positional and rotational alignment of subsea infrastructure and other OEM custom-designed kit (ploughs, positioning frames and others).


  • ROV and trencher propulsion systems
  • Rotational alignment of ploughs and special equipment
  • Vehicle stability for high current operations


Propeller Dia: 230mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 115kg


Propeller Dia: 310mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 250kg


Propeller Dia: 310mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 350kg


Propeller Dia: 380mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 370kg


Propeller Dia: 390mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 310kg


Propeller Dia: 390mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 440kg


Propeller Dia: 430mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 540kg


Propeller Dia: 500mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 630kg

HT_750-195 CMA

Propeller Dia: 750mm
Thrust @ 250 bar: 1450kg


Assembly Spares Kit - Seals Thruster HTE_300-380-430


Assembly Spares Kit - Bearings Thruster HTE_300-380-430


Assembly Thruster Maintenance Tool Kit


Assembly Spares Kit - Seals Thruster HTE_500


Assembly Spares Kit - Bearings Thruster HTE_500


Assembly 500 Thruster Maintenance Toolkit

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