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Using the Artemis equipment was a game-changer in our underwater operations. Its exceptional performance exceeded all expectations.
Artemis didn't just meet our needs; it elevated our entire experience, setting a new standard.

Thanasis Kostis, Operations Manager, GAEAQUATIC

Find it. Track it. Prove it.

Find it.​
Artemis enables power cables to be quickly and accurately located from a distance of 5m without the need for cables to be live, toned or magnetised. The unrivalled, versatile system can track broken cables, cables during installation, trenching, deburial and damaged cables. Applies to all copper and aluminium power cables.

Track it.
An inductive coil induces a continuous 2,800-3,200hz AC tone, using low power, into the cable or pipeline. The tone produces a magnetic field around the asset which is then used to accurately track the cable or pipeline. Unlike other tracking systems, Artemis does not require any cable specific calibration or for the size or the amount of metal in the product.

Prove it.
Artemis is the only solution which can simultaneously provide the exact location and orientation data at the front and rear of a vehicle for ultimate assurance of cable burial by tracking the depth, offset, yaw and angle of cable burial at the rear of the trencher while directing the vehicle at the front. When combined with SMD’s trenching technology, this capability allows cables and pipelines to be accurately tracked and buried to the desired depth.

SMD Artemis Rental

Customers can now access SMD Artemis through our rental partners. To learn more about rental agreements or to arrange a rental, please contact SMD, RTS, or Seatronics directly. Our partners are ready to assist you with your subsea operations!

SMD’s Lindsay Smith and RTS’s Andrew Logan with Artemis cable tracking equipment.


An Unrivalled Hunter

SMD has joined forces with Optimal Ranging Inc to bring to the market this unique range of tracking and survey technologies.

Artemis Trenching and Artemis Survey systems have been specifically developed to address the detection and tracking issues of multi-pass trenching and surveying of cables and pipelines during installation, during repair, and when the power is off without the need for a tone.

Relaunching Optimal Ranging’s, Orion product, as Artemis Live and Artemis Toned, we have improved the operability and set up of the existing technology for live cables and where it is convenient to set up a tone on the cable for detection and survey. By upgrading the software and adding an Antenna, the same hardware can be upgraded to Artemis Trenching and Artemis Survey.

Artemis gives the tracking performance trenching companies have been waiting for to be able to perform multi-pass jetting operations, and surveillance and cable repair companies can now find deeply buried, broken, and abandoned cables without the need for power/tone generation.


  • Detects cables and pipelines deeper than any existing technology
  • Accurately locates broken, unpowered, and abandoned cables
  • Surveys cables twice as fast, in real-time
  • Simultaneous cable tracking and burial depth assurance
  • Plug and play for any existing survey or trenching asset

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