Supplying underwater mineral extraction solutions towards a climate-neutral economy

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Pioneers in subsea vehicles

SMD has an unrivalled history in the provision of bespoke remotely controlled underwater excavation and intervention equipment.

Since 1971 we have supplied ploughs, trenchers, and ROVs to the offshore telecommunications, oil & gas and renewables sectors. This extensive experience, coupled with improvements in technology have now enabled the provision of large remotely controlled underwater mineral extraction equipment for both deep-sea and inland/nearshore water applications.

SMD can offer mineral extraction, geotechnical, rock mechanics, subsea engineering, environmental, quality and integration skills and experience to provide expert advice, consultancy services and produce bankable feasibility studies.

We are committed to providing submerged solutions and systems that enable mineral extraction operations to be achieved in a sustainable, and economically viable manner with minimal impact on the subsea environment.

Capabilities of our solutions

Our experience in mineral extraction technology has enabled us to develop a range of solutions for inland and subsea applications

Mineral Extraction Solutions