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Introducing our latest LARS project development

2021 saw us push forward with a number of new technology developments. We’re excited to share our latest LARS project, developed in partnership with one of our valued clients.  

The onboard handling system design, fully bespoke to client requirements, includes a 16.5Te (7m tall) A-Frame, umbilical and lift winches, heave compensation units and an associated power-pack. 

The brief was to develop bespoke solution for a high capacity 16.5Te LARS which could be shipped around the world using standard shipping methods. The handling system is designed in a modular manner with all components built into 20ft ISO shipping container units. This enables our client to leverage work in different global areas without the time and cost penalties of a more typical system. This new development is our first LARS to be certified as a Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) LARS, providing ultimate transportability, and the flexibility to move equipment between locations with ease. 

-Modular 16.5Te SWL A-frame solution developed for fast mobilisation

-All components built into 20ft ISO shipping container units for ease of shipping

-Synthetic lift winch with steel lift wire options, providing versatility to shallow AND deep water operations, including the ability to go as deep as 4,000m; a depth heavy subsea vehicles have historically struggled to reach.

-Two heave compensators – enabling highly accurate vessel motion decoupling provided by Active Heave Compensation (AHC), while benefitting from efficiencies afforded by Passive Heave Compensation (PHC).

-Air-Glycol technology to aid fast mobilisation (No requirement for nitrogen bottles)

The client specified a 4000m operating depth requirement, to enable access to deep water market. The brief specified operating depth capabilities beyond current industry standard without inhibiting the ability to conduct shallow water operations. This was satisfied by the development of a winch designed for use with interchangeable steel and synthetic ropes.  

While this new development requires two winches operating in tandem, SMD have used their advanced knowledge and experience of control systems to develop a simplified operator interface. The result enables one operator to easily control the system throughout the full launch and recovery cycle. 

In addition the client required a full AHC winch system whilst minimising power requirements on the host vessel. This innovative LARS combines both passive and active heave compensation technology meaning you get the best of both worlds in terms of energy efficiency and accuracy. In layman’s terms; you only use active heave when you really need to.  

The heave compensation system combines glycol hydraulics with compressed air. Incorporation of the compressor into the LARS itself means there is no need for nitrogen supply and storage onboard the vessel, freeing up vital deck space and enabling the associated cost savings. 

Our products, be they innovations totally new to the market or technology which has been tried, tested and improved over decades all come backed with 50 years of experience as standard. New technologies are developed with intrinsic understanding of the challenging environments in which they are required to operate, allowing them to reliably deliver again, and again. 

We also provide installation, commissioning and training support once the handling system is onboard to ensure it is fully operational before the subsea equipment is first launched.

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