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Deepwater Nodule Collector Revealed

Leading underwater technology developer SMD has announced the development of a new Nodule Collection solution.

The QC2000 Nodule Collector concept has been developed by SMD to maximise productivity and minimise impact to the seabed and the surrounding environment. This has been achieved by using SMD’s 50 years of experience in how to cut, move and collect soils, combined with deep water systems expertise. These insights and know-how have been developed and proven over many years in the Minerals, Telecoms, Power Cable, and Deep Water intervention markets.

With a least impact philosophy, vessel productivity up to 1000Te per hour is achievable. The patent-pending collection technique and process form a unique, energy-efficient solution that has minimal impact on the seabed and surrounding environment.

Graeme Walker, SMD’s Business Development Manager has been heavily involved in the development of this new solution: “We have been supplying subsea vehicles for deepwater seabed construction and inspection for over 30 years. This knowledge & experience has been fundamental in the development of the QC2000 including the mix of high power / deepwater technology with least impact seabed collection and processing.

“We are aware of the demand for minerals and the fact that these are key to a zero-carbon future. Without tools and processes which offer the most environmentally friendly and efficient solution for the subsea environment, we don’t see how subsea mineral extraction can be commercially viable. Through working with strong industrial partners and leveraging our own experience we intend to offer solutions which solve this problem.”

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