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The SMD Vision and Values


SMD will be the leading provider of integrated solutions for remotely operated systems working in challenging environments worldwide.


People First
We’re technology pioneers, but our focus is on people.
By working as one team, we build trust, and develop long term partnerships through open, honest and respectful communication.

We exist to engineer excellence.
Our commitment to engineering excellence keeps us innovative, creative and productive. We stay curious, and work with determination. It means that we know how to turn trial and error into successful engineering projects, and deliver world first capability.

We work in partnership with our customers.
By asking honest, searching questions of our clients, ourselves, our processes and the technology we produce—we do better work and make greater progress, together.

We’re committed to safety and quality.
We look after each other, our work environments. We make it a priority to build safety into our products and processes.
Whether we’re talking workmanship, robotics or offering support and advice to our clients—we pride ourselves on making sure that quality always shows.